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Edition Erdbeeren aus Spanien von SONJA STICH

The new edition is a wistful look back at the feeling of living in harmony with nature. A time when olive trees were simply olive trees and strawberries in March were completely normal. the six motifs by Sonja Stich are a loving homage to a carefree time that is sadly over.

Edition Erdbeeren aus Spanien
Matthias Ziegler Fine Art Print FROM

Edition Sudan 2015 von MATTHIAS ZIEGLER

Die surreale Edition Sudan 2015 zeigt Khartoum durch ein schützendes Netz. Es verschleiert einerseits die knallharte Realität des Sudans — andererseits zeigen die Bilder einen Ort ausserhalb der Kontrolle des verbrecherischen Regimes. 5 Fine Art Prints und 1 Poster Print, in limitierter Edition von Matthias Ziegler.

Edition Sudan 2015

Edition Peligro by MARIA STURM

The new edition by Maria Sturm is called Peligro — Peligro means danger! The beautiful motifs tell the story of legal battles in the name of nature. They address the ambivalence of the energy transition and fundamental justice in Ecuador.

Edition Peligro


Peligro von MARIA STURM

Peligro by MARIA STURM

The backstory of the Peligro edition by Maria Sturm. Information about the photographer, her inve...

Portrait Matthias Ziegler von Jelka von Langen


The subtle suddenly becomes sovereign and super present. Matthias Ziegler's extensive body of...

Digging for Life von JOHANNA-MARIA FRITZ

Digging for life by JOHANNA-MARIA FRITZ

Photographer Johanna-Maria Fritz is a young woman who puts such an open courage, precise beauty a...