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FROM Prints Logo


FROM is a platform for discovering and sharing documentary photography and true stories. In other words, this is where people and stories come together to remember and inspire each other.

For FROM, we select photos from existing archives and turn them into limited editions. Open-minded, with visual expertise and our collective aesthetic, we look for stories with backbone and mindfulness for our world.

In contrast to AI, we focus on authenticity. Our work is based exclusively on photographs and stories created by people — motivated by attentiveness and truth. All authors on FROM have an upright stance and relationship to our world. This is the core of our collaboration.

FROM was founded by Marie-Kristin Thiele. As a world-bound, societally interested, '79-born, mother, art director and writer, she organizes and designs  FROM.

The FROM logo is a reference to the old bumper stickers that used to be placed on the tailgate of vehicles. They roughly identified the origin. A national classification, set in the tried and tested old Linear Antiqua DIN.

FROM has reversed the purpose of these stickers. The logo raises the question of origin - and emphasizes that every person, every circumstance, every object comes from somewhere - and therefore has a story to tell.